Tour Dates


Upcoming tour dates and gigs - please check artists web sites for venue and tickets details


David Francey -  Irish Tour May 2018 and October 2018. UK tour dates are 19 Oct to 1 Nov 2018.


James Keelaghan - Irish Excursion (Cork, Kerry and Clare) May 12 -21. The UK dates start May 23 with Cramlington FC, Bromsgrove (25th), Roots Music Club (26th) Chester Folk Fest (27/28th) Hoy at the Anchor (30th) and Faversham FC (31st)


Ennis - Hopefully a tour is on the cards for 2018.


Maria Dunn - UK tour dates 21 Sept 2017 - 19 Oct 2017. Maria will be accompanied on tour by Shannon Johnson